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Although it seems a little early to wish all our members a Merry Christmas, this is the last newsletter before the festive season commences so on behalf of council I wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year. I’m sure Santa will be kind and bring you all the gifts you are hoping for.

I have assumed the role of Newsletter Editor following the sad loss of Terry Owen G4PSH who had produced the newsletter for as long as I can remember. Being a member of council and also the RAFARS Webmaster, I might be able to impart items of news that might otherwise slip between the cracks or become old news before the biannual publication of the QRV Journal. I intend to offer a slightly less formal narrative and hopefully encourage a more regular flow of content from members.

The last 18 months or so have been a challenge to us all and although we seem to be slowly returning to some sort of normal, it’s not over yet for sure. The COVID threat will be a continued part of all our lives for the foreseeable future. One of the most notable restrictions for council has been the inability to meet in person for council meetings. However, with restrictions on access and gatherings at RAF Cosford relaxing slightly, it is hoped to hold the next council meeting at the HQ on 8 February 2022. Although council meetings are routinely open to attendance by members, as this is the first somewhat experimental gathering, the February meeting will be restricted to those directly involved in the meeting.

We have been very lucky in that the RAFARS Shack Manager Stuart G0TBI and his XYL Anne M3TBI have taken every opportunity to visit the HQ and to maintain a RAFARS presence during this period. Understandably, RAF Cosford has remained very cautious and have placed restrictions on access to the site.

Our new Chairman Flying Officer Jonathan Spence 2E0KZN has already chaired his first (virtual) council meeting and has established a good line of communication with the new OC No 1 Radio School at RAF Cosford. Members will appreciate how important it is to have a serving RAF chairman and to maintain close links with the RAF to retain our credibility with the Service.

RAFARS membership remains strong, but, notably, the age demographic is very worrying. Radio and the ability to communicate worldwide with a self-contained transceiver and a simple antenna would not seem to be as appealing to those who were born into the age of the Internet and the mobile phone where the click of a button allows you to speak to anybody anywhere. However, this could and should be embraced by all, as there is usually some RF involved somewhere in the process, be it wifi, Bluetooth or satellite links. The Society continues to strive to encourage new members, especially those of the Internet generation.

The remainder of the newsletter below is a little thin with regards to content as I have not received any input from the members this month, but that is probably due to the time of the year and the current restrictions on events. I don’t intend to repeat the Station Routine Orders type of information as all this is available on the RAFARS website https://www.rafars.org but do please send me any items for the newsletter at NewsDesk@rafars.org or use the contact form on the website at the bottom of the https://www.rafars.org/contact/ page.

RAFARS Webmaster and News Desk Editor


New And Re-Joining Members:

2656 Adrian G0KOM
4995 Robert G4PVB
4999 Andrew 2E0BAY
6000 Andrew M0IYE
6001 Lincon SW Club G5FZ
6002 Glenn G0GBI

Silent Keys:

168 Tony GU3LPV
353 Richard G3MRT
3031 Anthony G4MTQ
3160 Arthur MW0BLM
4921 Michael G7JPN


I am sad to report that Mike Bateman G7JPN became SK in November. Mike was a long-serving member of RAFARS and will be remembered by many as the General Secretary and the RAFARS presence in the HQ at RAF Cosford, a role he fulfilled for many years. A full obituary will be published in the Spring edition of QRV. If members have any memories or anecdotes that they would like to offer, please contact the QRV Editor at qrv@rafars.org


The position of RAFARS Contest Manager remains vacant, if you are interested in taking on this role, please contact the RAFARS Secretary at Secretary@rafar.org


For a list of Radio Rallies with planned RAFARS stands, see the website rallies page https://www.rafars.org/rallies


The QRV Editor is actively seeking content for the Spring 2022 edition of QRV. Submissions can be anything that you think might interest the members, personal stories, technical items, aviation stories etc. There is no need to write War and Peace, a couple of pictures with some descriptive text would be perfect. Please send submissions to the Editor at QRV@rafars.org

Digital jpg photos should be sent as an attachment to Word documents. Please do not import them into the text.

Remember that the QRV archive and the audio version of the latest edition of 'Talking' QRV are available in the Members Area of the RAFARS Website at https://www.rafars.org/eqrv and https://www.rafars.org/tqrv respectively.


It is hoped to resume council meetings at RAFARS HQ starting with the first meeting on 8 February 2022. However, this is dependant on any restrictions placed on access and gatherings by the RAF Cosford COVID Cell. Although council meetings are routinely open to attendance by members (see below), the February meeting will be an exception to this and will be restricted to those directly involved in the meeting.

  • 8 February
  • 5 April
  • 14 June (Following RAF Cosford Airshow?)
  • 6 September
  • 4 October (AGM run through)
  • 15 October (AGM - not a Council meeting)
  • 14 November

Any member may attend Council meetings but travel costs cannot be paid. Members wishing to attend (and applying by post) must contact Vince G4DQP, General Secretary by letter one month before the meeting or two weeks prior by e-mail or telephone.


The RAFARS Weekly Zoom Net has proven to be a great success with members using the video conference as an additional way of keeping in touch. The Net takes place on Fridays at 1400-1800 local.
See the Member Area on the website for joining details. If you have not yet registered for the Member Area, you can do so online at https://www.rafars.org/register

RAFARS Network Radio Daily Net 1700UKL

Network (Internet) Radio has gained significant popularity over the last couple of years, with amateurs being able to communicate worldwide by using the Zello application on their smartphone, tablet device, computer or dedicated Network Radio device using WiFi or mobile phone data.

The RAFARS Council highlighted that some members are becoming increasingly isolated and those who are not able to operate a conventional station are losing touch with other radio amateurs.

A daily RAFARS Network Radio Net has been set up on the 'RAFARS' channel from 1700 to 1800hrs UK Local. However, the channel is always open, so feel free to call in at any time.

If you would like to talk to other RAFARS members, search for RAFARS on Zello and make a call. You will only be heard by the moderators until approved. If you don't get a reply, either email the RAFARS Webmaster at webmaster@rafars.org or just leave your device connected to the RAFARS channel and a moderator will approve you when you are seen.

The basic Zello app is free so you don't need to sign up for a paid 'business' Work' account.

Zello is a free app used by millions worldwide as a reliable and secure way to connect with friends, family, and community—to socialize as well as to organize in times of urgency. Zello Work requires a subscription but offers exclusive features to optimize team communication—including a secure private network, end-to-end encryption, and management features to control group channels and settings.


(Now referred to as the Royal Air Force Air Cadets - RAFAC)
Ofcom has approved SSES GB80ATC - 80 Years of the Air Training Corps with NoV to David M0SKT (RAFARS 4789).
Operating from 05 Feb 2021 to 4 Feb 2022 (Subject to operator availability). Permission has also been obtained for RAFAC Staff (CFAV) who hold a valid full UK Amateur Licence to operate the station from their home QTH by approval of David M0SKT only.
The Station will be operational on 2m and HF Bands on Voice Data and CW depending on the Operators choice of Bands and Propagation at the time.
If you are interested in joining the RAF Halton RS, please contact Malcolm G7VRT QTHr, or the Chairman, Derf G8ZGK, QTHr in RAFARS Call Book and on qrz.com. The E-mail address is RAFHaltonRS@outlook.com or look up G1RAF on qrz.com.


All Radio Amateurs and SWL's, (no requirement to be Ex RAF), are invited to apply for RAFARS Membership if you have an interest in the Amateur Radio, the RAF, or Military aviation and are prepared to help the society achieve its published aims and objectives. Membership details are available on the website at https://www.rafars.org/join

Two formats (PDF) of the membership application are available for download, completion and return by post on the Join RAFARS web page.

A new online application form is also available, to be completed online and then printed and posted with your membership fee. The online form is “smart” in that it will display the appropriate membership fee as the form is completed. Those joining after 1 October pay half the normal membership fee.


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