It is with great sadness that I have to report that Roger Hyde G3ZDW RAFARS Council member and Contest Manager became Silent Key on Saturday 14th November 2020. Roger was a long time member of RAFARS and a key member of council and he will be greatly missed. Our thoughts go out to Roger's family and friends at this difficult time.

G3ZDW 1941-2020

This page contains all the contest dates and rules which RAFARS sponsor and information on other contests which the Society enters


Please note that the postion of Contest Manager is currently vacant due to Roger's passing. Although any emails sent to the contests@rafars.org email address will be forwarded to the Webmaster, he is not able to manage the contest logs. If any member is willing to take on the role of Contest manager, please contact the RAFARS Secretary at secretary@rafars.org

Sat 2 Jan 21 AFS CW RSGB N/A
Sun 10 Jan 21 AFS Data RSGB N/A
Sat 16 Jan 21 AFS SSB RSGB N/A


The RSGB have changed the rules to this contest and one of them is very much in our favour. As you know, in the past, we have entered teams from different locations, mainly ‘RAFARS Waddington’ with team members being within 50 miles of RAF Waddington.

We can now enter as ‘RAFARS’ and any member in the UK&CD can join in. The more members who enter the better. The RSGB will put you into teams of 4. The 4 highest scores will be the ‘A’ team the 5-8 highest scores become the ‘B’ team etc. If, in the past you have thought it not worth entering because you would be the only one, this is not the case now. So please consider entering either, CW, SSB or Data, better still all 3! The full Rules can be seen under at: https://www.rsgbcc.org/hf/rules/2020/rafs.shtml enter logs under General Category 4a (ii).

I’m hoping we can build up our RAFARS participation in this contest as experience is showing that the RAFARS own contests are struggling somewhat but we are holding our own when it comes to RSGB contests such as NFD and SSB Field Day when there are none RAFARS are taking part so a lot more stations to work.

Any queries contact contests@rafars.org


Date: Sunday 6th December 2020
Time: 1400 – 1600
Bands: 40M 80M 160M & 2Mtrs
Modes: CW, SSB HF and FM on 2M
Sections: Members may only enter one section of the contest:

  • HF 40M 80M 160M Single Operator. Members can be contacted on different bands and modes (SSB and CW) and claim points.
  • VHF (2 Mtrs) Single Operator.

Scoring: - 6 pts per HF QSO where both stations are in the same country. - 9 pts per HF QSO where stations are in different country, GM, GW, GI, GD, GJ, and GU are classed as different countries. Example: G3ZDW contacts GM4KTH = 9 points, G3ZDW contacts G3VCA = 6 points. - 6 pts per VHF QSO plus a multiplier for each county and country worked. GM, GW, GI, GD, GJ are classed as different countries.

Log: Time, Band, Mode, Callsign, RS(T) and serial number sent, RS(T) and serial number received, RAFARS number of stations worked, (county/country VHF entries only) and points claimed. Logs are to be submitted by email with a declaration that: The station was operated strictly in accordance with the rules and spirit of the contest and within the conditions of my licence and the entry is a true copy of my log.
Entries should be sent, to arrive no later than 8th January 2021, to contests@rafars.org.
Adjudication: Points will be deducted for errors as follows: Errors in callsigns are penalised by loss of all points for the QSO. Errors in other data result in loss of one third QSO points per error.
Awards: Awards will be presented at the AGM to the winners and runners up of each section provided sufficient entries are received.


This contest is designed to encourage activity between RAFARS Affiliated Clubs and other RAFARS members.
The Contest will take place on an annual basis, from 1 January to 31 December each year, and is open to all RAFARS Affiliated Clubs. The contest winner will be the Affiliated Club deemed to have contacted the most other RAFARS members over the period.
Contacts with RAFARS members, Club Stations and RAFARS sponsored Special Event Stations will be valid in the contest. SWL reports received from RAFARS members may also be counted as valid contacts.
Where an Affiliated Club Station has more than one callsign, e.g. G8FC/G8RAF, both may be claimed. Only one contact per member station or Special Event may count for the contest. Contacts with G3RAF may also be claimed, once for each separate holder of the callsign. Contacts via repeaters are NOT to be claimed.
Contest entries in the form of a log extract containing date, time, band, callsign, RST sent, RST received and RAFARS number, should be sent by email to: contests@rafars.org to arrive not later than 31 January. Prefer the log as an attachment. An official of the Club, stating that it is a true record of contacts made must sign each entry. Club logs and SWL reports must be made available if requested.

Updated December 2020

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