RAFARS Membership Categories

  • Corporate Membership

    You can join as a CORPORATE member, if you:

    Are serving, or have served, with the UK Armed Forces or one of its Reserves, or a subsumed force - e.g. ROC, PMRAFNS etc
    Are, or have been, a civilian employed by the Ministry of Defence.
    Are presently an Officer, Instructor or Cadet in one of the Cadet Training Corps of the UK Armed Forces or the Combined Cadet Force.

  • Associate Membership

    Subject to RAFARS Council approval, you may join as an Associate Member:

    If you: Are, or have been, connected with a Commonwealth, NATO or Allied Air Force, in either a serving or Civilian capacity.
    Are, interested in the RAF and military aviation, and wish to assist the Society to achieve its published aims.

  • Club and Society Affiliation

    Organisations wishing to Affiliate to the Society – please contact the General Secretary, or Membership Secretary or the Treasurer

  • Subscription Costs

    A Joining Pack is supplied.
    All joiners, re-joiners and Affiliates pay a one-off registration fee of £3.00. Does not apply to ACO Cadets* or Students,

    *ACO Cadets who obtain an amateur radio Foundation Licence after ACO radio training, and apply to join RAFARS, their membership for the first year will be subscription free. If applicable, the student rate will apply for subsequent years.
    All subscriptions (not registration fees) are renewable on April 1st.

    Corporate and Associate members - Annual Subscription is £14.00
    Corporate and Associate members who provide proof that they are in receipt of full time education or training, pay the Student’s subscription of £4.00 per year. This can continue if proof of continuing student status is provided up to a maximum age of 18 years.
    Family - 2 or more Corporate/Associate members residing at the same address - Annual Subscription £11.50 per head (minimum £23.00). (Receive only one copy of each RAFARS publication per address).

    Members joining after 1st October pay only half the Subscription. (e.g. with Registration fee included - Corporate/Associate £10.00, Student £2 and Family £14.50 Minimum).

    If you wish to pay your subscription by a bank transfer, please contact the Treasurer, M0MJG on 01305 816362 or Treasurer@rafars.org

The RAFARS Membership Application form is available for downloading and printing below. There are 2 versions of the form, an A4, 4 page PDF document and an A5 'booklet' that can be printed back to back on one A4 sheet and folded. Print the form and complete it by hand and return with your subscription payment.