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The aims of the RAFARS QSL Bureau are: To facilitate the exchange of QSL cards between RAFARS Members and between RAFARS Members and Members of the RNARS and the RSARS. In accordance with an agreement with the RSGB QSL Bureau, to collect QSL cards for the special event stations using the GB?RAF, GB?RFC and similar callsigns obtained on behalf of operators through the Society which are used more than once in any calendar year.


Sending Cards to the Bureau

  1. Cards destined for RAFARS, RNARS, and RSARS Members and for RAFARS sponsored special event stations may be sent totheRAFARSQSLBureau Manager for onward transmission. Any cards falling outside the criteria listed below will be returned to the sender PROVIDED there is a Stamped Addressed Envelope (SAE) lodged at the Bureau. Failing that, the cards will, regretfully, be destroyed.

  2. All cards sent to the Bureau should have the destination callsign and RAFARS, RNARS, or RSARS number clearly shown on the cards. For RAFARS sponsored special event callsigns, the date of the contact should also be clearly visible, preferably on both sides of the card, and the location of the special event should be shown.

  3. All cards should be sorted into alphanumeric order.

  4. There is no limit to the number of cards, which may be sent at any time.

Receiving Cards from the Bureau

  1. If you wish to receive cards from the Bureau, you should supply the QSL Bureau Manager with SAE’s. Because storage space is limited, no more than five (5) envelopes should be sent at any one time. The most suitable size is C5 (or not more than 8" x 6") and made of strong material. Note – C5 envelopes are also called A5 because they take a folded A4 piece of paper.

  2. Special arrangements apply to overseas members who do not need to supply envelopes or postage.

  3. Envelopes should be numbered and “Last Envelope” should be written on one so that you are made aware of the need to supply more SAE’s.

  4. You should print your Callsign and RAFARS number at the top left hand corner of each SAE.

  5. To avoid problems if the postal rate fluctuates, it is suggested that UK Members use the booklet type First and Second Class stamps on their SAE’s.

  6. Envelopes will be despatched when a suitable weight of cards has been received or this may be left to the discretion of the bureau manager to send when thought appropriate. You may request despatch when a certain number of cards have been received at the Bureau. This latter option may be best for those members who do not receive large quantities.

General Notes

  1. The facilities of the RAFARS (Services) Bureau are available to all members of the Society. Short Wave Listeners are reminded that their reports should contain adequate information to be of use to the transmitting station concerned.

  2. Reception reports for broadcasting stations cannot be accepted by the Bureau.

  3. Any cards received for RAFARS Members who do not have envelopes lodged with the Bureau will be held for six (6) months and then destroyed.

  4. If cards are received for RAFARS sponsored special event stations, which have not made any provision for the collection of their cards, the QSL Bureau Manager will write to the organiser of the station to request disposal information.

  5. The QSL Bureau Manager is not authorised to handle cash or cheques.

  6. All correspondence relating to the RAFARS QSL Bureau should be sent to the QSL Bureau Manager, address as below. Telephone queries acceptable on 01789 262872.

  7. The RSGB QSL Bureau only caters for QSL Cards from RSGB Members only or RAFARS Stations such as G8FC GB2RAF Etc who are registered with the RSGB Bureau under HQRAFARS. If you are not a RSGB Member you can RECEIVE CARDS ONLY by paying the RSGB a fee of £11-99p a year.

If a RAFARS member activates a SES it is suggested that you check that you are able to Send/Receive QSL Cards for the event. However, if you are a RSGB Member it should cause no problems as you can use the RSGB Bureau under your own call-sign (Write your Membership Number on the envelopes).

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