Saturday 30 November 2019
The usual early bird member’s arrived by 09 00 this morning.  Whilst waiting for the rest to arrive, member’s discussed the various radio activities they had been up to during the week with Dave GØKUC showing all the latest QSL Cards which had been received.
Several member’s stayed behind at the Club room whilst Malcolm G7VRT, Dave M5AGW, Jon 2EØFNC AND Roger went off to Radio Shop Martin Lynch in Staines. This was a chance for some purchased to be made. Both Dave and Malcolm purchased Yaesu FT4 hand helds with Malcolm buying a switched mode power supply Roger also made purchase in the form of a dual Band 2 Mt 7Ø cm collinear antenna.
Several old friend were there and of course there was a lot of catching up to do.
The outing returned to Halton and found Dave GØKUC busy operating on FT8 clocking up the contacts with nick G8DWF making up some aerials for his project. Shortly after arriving back Mark MØHBQ arrived and spent some time checking out the Club Bird thruline which had given up the ghost. Taking it apart and reassembling it brought it back to life.