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In 1935 a group of RAF amateurs stationed at the Electrical and Wireless School at Cranwell began regular meetings to discuss their technical problems.

It was decided to form a society and in 1936 the Cranwell Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (CARTS) was founded under the leadership of Wally Dunn G2LR. CARTS membership grew rapidly and a headquarters station was established with the callsign G8FC.

In 1937 the CARTS journal QRV was inaugurated to keep members at home and overseas in the picture. In 1938 membership increased rapidly and it was recognised that a Royal Air Force Society was needed and so RAFARS was founded based at RAF Cranwell.

The Society went into suspense during World War II and activities were subsequently resumed in 1947. The move of No. 1 Radio School from Cranwell to Locking necessitated a move of Headquarters on 1st October 1951 1997 saw G8FC and G8RAF move to RAF Cosford but the Headquarters remained at Locking.

During 1998, due to the closure of RAF Locking the HQ moved to it's present location at RAF Cosford.

25 July 2023

Weekdays were a bit weak. Even so the usual suspects were

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20 July 2023

9Q1AA and 9Q1ZZ were runaway winners....

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12 July 2023

The World Radiosport Team Championship is...

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04 July 2023

Most popular DX (Top 20 or more contacts.....

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01 July 2023

The meeting today was split into two....

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28 June 2023

VP6A was top dog again up to the....

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24 June 2023

Again, the Club met in the.....

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21 June 2023

A reasonable week on Ten Metres. I haven’t worked anything....

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17 June 2023

The Club held a meeting in the RAFA building......

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