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RAF Halton Radio Society
1 April 2018 G1RAF on Air

Above:​ Temporary Station for RAF 100 in the new club room

The RAF Halton Radio Society was started in mid-2013. There had previously been a Radio Club at RAF Halton but this had closed many years before.
The new Club now has the use of a large room on the Station and is open most Saturdays and on occasions at other times. New members are always welcome and do not necessarily have to be RAF or ex members of the RAF.
The Club room has plenty of space for member’s projects and operating positions. In addition there is a small an where tea and coffee is available and the odd biscuit or two!

Relocation update:
We have now moved into our new club room on the Station. It will be a while yet before it is neat, tidy and in full operation. As soon as we are sorted, the plan is to commence a Foundation Licence Course for a couple of our members.

Saturday 21st April 2018
This Saturday saw many of the Club members involved in teaching a radio course, at Silver Communicator Badge level for the Air Cadets. The syllabus of the course has been designed to integrate the foundation licence training and successful candidates may then apply for their licences. However this meant that the Club members had a good excuse to avoid the "sorting out" so this was put on hold for the weekend.
During the morning the temporary G5RV was once again hastily erected, all be it at a height of only 10 feet above the ground. Dave took the opportunity to make contact with GB8MD, a special event station in Tywyn, celebrating Marconi day. This contact was then discussed in detail describing the radio procedures used, the vernacular and abbreviations etc. with two of our potential foundation licence holders, Roger and John. They agreed that this was much more "fun" than reading the books, hi! As they both had to leave before midday there was only time for a quick introduction to the wonders of QRZ.com. Hopefully they will soon be taking the microphone as part of the on air Foundation Licence Training.
During the afternoon Nick continued with his project, currently assembling charging stations for the Cadet radios. Putting in the screws became a lot easier once he was loaned a drill of the right size for the pilot holes. Dave continued a leisurely look around the bands making contacts with a "scout" station in the Netherlands and an Italian special event from Marconi's house. Further listening found a German contest station calling CQ? Hang on that wasn't DB that was BD and it wasn't a German contest it was a China contest! Anyway a request from the members requesting a contact to show amateur operations to the cadets with the station they had put up took preference and good reports with the power turned almost off were received from at least 500 yards away. Perhaps it was time to see if the BD station was still there - yes they were and still 59+. Would it be possible to get through all the European stations calling? A little perseverance ( about 5 calls) and success; 59 HN from BD7DT received!!!!! It was quite amazing how many 59 001 reports they were getting. Not too sure what power or antenna they were using but a good 59 signal for over an hour slowly decreasing to 57 with a little QSB but still audible when it was time to turn off and take the aerial down for another week. 59 reports from 500 yards to 5000 miles not a bad day - just wait until we can get our aerials up "properly"!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know where we find all the time to drink the tea and eat all the biscuits.

Saturday 14 April 2018

Another day working on getting the Club Room ship shape. Racking finally in place and secured. Shelves filling up fast.
Roger and Jon made a start on putting up the notice boards, which is transforming boring walls into something more inviting. A couple have been set aside for Dave the operation manager and the plan is to put our interest QSL Cards up for all to see. Hopefully, this Saturday we will be able to get more boards up and a white board.
There was even time for Dave to make a couple of contacts on the VHF/UHF Radio!

Saturday 7 April 2018 and the sun is shining

First job today was to re-erect the temporary G5RV, after a cup of tea of course. We must be getting better as the first contact was made at1015; 22mins earlier than last Sunday. Spoke to the guys at RAF Wyton again and then joined the RAFARS net on 80m just before 1100 to give away the call and a few points. Hopefully this could become a little more regular when the aerials are a little more permanent. It was nice to hear that we seemed to be the only ones with sunshine! After the net the band appeared to be very noisy and so a little more sorting out was done. We will manage to find the carpet under all the cardboard boxes, hi. After Malcolm’s culinary delights for lunch, again a little more sorting out was done and Nick even managed to progress his project he is doing for the cadets. Checking around the bands contacts were made with good reports from North America and of course Russia. All in all another enjoyable day. Shame it is time to take the aerial down again.

Easter Sunday 1 April 2018
Today we had around 10 Club members turn up to assist and take a look at the Clubs involvement with the RAFARS RAF 100 celebrations and competition.
Before they could start they had to put up the G5RV and an end fed antenna with an SG 230 Tuner. Once on Air a good start was made making contact with the other main RAF Stations taking part. In addition a lot of time was taken on CQ Calls inviting others to contact the Station G1RAF. The first few contacts were with Russian Stations but as conditions changed UK stations were contacted. All in all 60 contacts were made and the clubs operations manager is now in the process of preparing QSL Cards for dispatch as necessary.
This was the first on air operation from our new Club Room. All managed to work around the unpacked boxes which came over to the new Room when moving out of the old one. What’s more, nearly all the items required for the day were found without too much looking.
Contact Breakdown for 1 April 2018 
   Total Contacts: 60
    18 RAFARS associated Stations
     GB100RAF RAF Cosford
     G0RAF RAF Binbrook
     G3RAF RAF Kemble
     GB2IWM Imperial War Museum Duxford
      AOTA     Stations:
      GB4KE RAF Kenley
      GB2WY RAF Wyton
      GB0DM RAF Downham Market

      Other Members 11
      Countries: 11
      Continents: 3

Saturday 10 February 2018
Club members will continue to pack all the kit and publications in readiness of the move. No time for operating as it is fullsteam ahead for the move. The plan is to be up and running by the 1 April ready for the RAFARS 100TH Contest.

Saturday 30 September 2017
The club had a busy day today with 7 Club members 1 guest with a visitor last thing. It was bacon rolls at 09 00 then lots of activity, Derf, G8ZGK, put the finishing touches to his linear Drake L-4B amp project and had it running with 800 watts into a dummy load.
Roger had his first lesson for the Foundation Licence with plans to do more in a couple of weeks’ time.
Nick continued with the servicing of shed loads of Baofeng888 radios. Nick’s Guest Richard spent time listing to the HF bands and talking to the other club members.
An opportunity arose to have a visit to the Trenchard Museum and 3 of the newer members, one an ex brat, went to the Museum to have a look around.

Saturday 19 August 2017
A good turn out today, with 7 members on site, not bad for the holiday period. An opportunity was taken to blow the cob webs out of the FT 1000 and go searching for the Light Houses on the Air Stations. Conditions were OK of sorts and the team managed to contact 6 Light House Stations.
Dave our new QSL Card manager Dave G0KUC is working on a QSL Card for the Club with one of the Halton Vulcan’s on the front. Hopefully we will be able to send cards very shortly. We are applying for membership of the RSGB to make things easier for the issue and receipt of Cards. For RAFARS members we plan to use the RAFARS Bureau.

Saturday 12 August 2017
Another successful meeting. Dave G0KUC and Jamie 2E0DUU, using the Club Call G1RAF, were on Air for a while using the Yaesu FT 1000MP. Several contacts were made including one with Terry at the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum at Neatishead Norfolk, Callsign GB2RAF.

Club Meeting Saturday 5th August 2107
Another busy Saturday meeting with several members discussing the use of repeaters and looking at the various systems. The Chairman Derf G8ZGK, was adding a UK power plug to his Drake Linear and doing some research on the net in readiness for a planned mod the power supply.
 In the workshop area Nick was servicing pile of hand held radios and when finished they will be made available to the Air Cadets.