RAFARS were invited to host a stand at the RAF Cosford Airshow on Sunday 12th June 2022.

The event was very well attended with some 60,000 visitors enjoying the event and the weather allowed a full display programme.

RAFARS demonstrated 360 Radar aircraft tracking and WSPR results using a SotaBeams WSPRlite transmitting at 200mw on 20m using an Alex Loop magnetic loop antenna.

Jonathan 2E0KZN, the RAFARS Chairman, demonstrated his Icom IC-705 in receive mode using the Alex Loop. The Faraday Cage formed by the metal hangar didn't help either the WSPR transmissions or the IC-705 reception and the cellular Internet signal struggled towards the end of the day.

One of the 'hits' of the day was the two CW trainers, with both straight and paddle keys. These generated significant interest, particularly from the younger visitors.

Overall, a great success and an excellent publicity event for the RAF and RAFARS.

Jonathan 2E0KZN
Gary G0DNI
Michael M0MJG
Robert GW6GBY
Vince G4DQP
Anne 2E0DQP
Stuart G0TBI
Anne M3TBI