Hello Everyone, A couple of months ago I was obviously bored and thought that I would look up some of the old callsigns I used to own on qrz.com. To my surprise I found out that I was still listed as responsible for G3LQS (Coningsby) and G7FAR (Waddington) in their listings.

I am waiting for Bob at Waddo to let me know if they wish to resurrect their old "B" licence call on QRZ.

Regarding G3LQS Coningsby's old callsign, which I held back in the 80s and 90s when I was SNCO ic, I spoke to Peter G0NVY and Selwyn G3JRY who I also believed had previously held the call. As the call was no longer listed in the latest RSGB callbook I asked their permission to try to resurrect the call if I could. They both agreed. Ofcom told me that it shouldn't be a problem and I should fill in form OfW346 on line and they would then authorise it. When I tried to fill in the form it would not let me enter the G3LQS call. Another phone call to Ofcom and they told me that the call was "Reserved" but they had no record of who it was reserved by and no record of the last licence holder. They told me that to reactivate the call I would need to let them have letters from two current Club officials and myself. To cut a very long story short. The newly elected RAF Coningsby ARC committee decided to allow me to hold the licence and letters of agreement were collected and duly forwarded to Ofcom. So, after numerous phone calls and emails with Peter, Selwyn and Ofcom I have eventually been successful. As I didn't use the online form and because they had to check the authenticity of the letters and the application, they charged a £20 admin fee. I have paid their "admin fee" and received a receipt so all I am waiting for is the licence document. Obviously they are not in the office over the weekend!

A reminder for everyone " don't let your club call licence lapse"?

As RAF Coningsby ARC is now officially up and running again I would like to ask if we could reapply for our RAFARS affiliation 3101, please. The current committee is P. Hanson G0NVY - Chairman, S. Auty G3JRY - Deputy Chairman and myself D. Bloomfield G0KUC as a lifetime member and now Club Secretary.

Obviously if any amateurs are posted in to Coningsby all they have to do is to contact me for permission to use the call. If there are none on site perhaps it would be nice if some of our serving members could set up a portable station on the sports field for Airfields On The Air? Not sure if we have any serving members who would like to do that?????? If no permission from the Station then some one sitting in a car next to the perimeter should be within Vince's rules, hi!

Anyway I am happy to be able to keep the call safe for the time being. Of course if a Club station is reactivated I would be more than happy to pass the call on as required!

Best wishes to all,
73 de Dave - G0KUC - RAFARS 2442