Thanks to Duncan G0NWY, the RAFARS QRV Journal digital archive has been greatly expanded.

Duncan has been steadily working through all the paper copies of QRV going back to 1937 and scanning these digitally into PDF format.

These digital versions of QRV are now available to members in the Member Area of the website. The editions are in PDF format and clicking on any of the cover thumbnails will open the edition for reading or download. The files are stored in the cloud using Google Drive and should open directly in any web browser.

Transferring the journals to the website is a slow process, but editions currently available are 1937-1970 and 2002-2022 with the period 1971-2001 being added as time permits.

UPDATE: All available editions from 1937 to 2022 are now published in the archive. If you have an edition that isn't shown, please do get in touch and Duncan will scan it, and it can be added to the archive.

Thanks again to Duncan G0NWY for his incredible work in making this digital archive available to members.

You can view the archive at the link below. Note that you do need to have registered for access to the website Member Area.

QRV Digital Archive