The North Wales Radio Society will be Communicating Via Amateur Radio, the 75th Anniversary of the D Day Landings on 6th June 1944.

As this fascinating and Geographical Location played such a vital Role in WW2 with its Gunnery School Positions, RAF Radar Station and, of course, the famous Mulberry Harbour Construction site all within view of the Great Orme Country Park, the Radio Amateurs receiving our communications within the UK, Europe and even further? ( Depending on conditions) would immediately be able to view via the Internet, how Llandudno and all its various military and civilian personnel coped but, adapted during this difficult time in history.

In conjunction with our Club communicating using specialised Radio equipment and skills, the World Wide Web will also be used, to facilitate the need in promoting Llandudno and its links during June 1944.

The Radio operators communicating with our station will automatically be pinpointed to the dedicated special Event D Day Station web site which portrays Llandudno’s History, Tourism and much more.

Besides this valuable communication of media for the Town and Amateur Radio in general, a commemorative Designed Special Event QSL Card will also be sent to all the receiving stations contacted throughout that weekend.

It is our Clubs intention to involve a small party of the local Combined Cadet Force’s ( Air Cadets, Army Cadets & Sea Cadets to help educate them into Amateur Radio and join our weekend in remembering and respecting all those who fought and lost their lives during the D Day operations 75 yrs ago.

In conjunction with the Royal British Legion (Llandudno Branch) a Dedication Ceremony at the Cenotaph on Llandudno Promenade will also be held for the Saturday, and Various Cadets and members of the RBL will also be present to conduct a short service of remembrance, at the same time our Special Radio Event Station will close down as a mark of respect.

This Proposed Event is Very Unique, as never before has our Amateur Radio club been able to use our professional skills and equipment on the Great Orme to help Publicise not only this special Anniversary event but Llandudno, its surroundings, its history and the importance it played during the War Years.

Thank You for taking time to read this, and my self Tony Mottram on behalf of the N.W.R.S are looking forward to any comments and suggestions you may have regarding all the above, and I certainly hope that working together we can make this proposed Special Event Station a memorable and successful weekend.