1. Date & Time 0001 hrs UTC, 1 April 2018 to 2359 hrs UTC, 31st March 2019

  2. Frequencies All HF bands (except WARC) plus V/UHF. Advised to check RAFARS net QRGs

  3. Modes SSB, CW, Data (Plus FM on V/UHF)

  4. Exchange RS(T), serial number, RAFARS number

  5. Scoring Points

    • 5 pts per QSO within your country
    • 10 pts per QSO outside your country
    • 10 pts per V/UHF QSO
    • 10 pts per overseas member contacting UK member
    • Note UK Stations. England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey are classed as separate countries.
    • Bonus Points
      • 25 pts per QSO with GB100RAF (once per distinct activation/location)
      • 25 pts VP8RAF/100, ZB2RAF
      • 20 pts per RAF call: G0RAF, G1RAF, G3RAF, G4RAF, G6RAF, G7RAF, G8RAF, GB1RAF, GB2RAF, G8FC (HQ) (once per distinct activation/location)

  6. Log Submission and Adjudication Logs shall contain date; time; band; callsign; RS(T) and serial number sent; RS(T), serial number and RAFARS number received; points claimed. Entries may be submitted in any reasonable format (not postcards or small pieces of paper) to the Contest Manager, G3ZDW (QTHr in QRZ) or by email to preferably as an attachment. Entries to arrive no later than 21 April 2019.

  7. Supplementary Rules The serial number sent shall start at 001. Points may to be claimed for QSOs with members on different bands and/or modes providing there are at least 10 minutes between each QSO.

  8. Recommendation Keep checking website news and the monthly newsletter for the latest information on scheduled activity.

  9. Declaration By entering any RAFARS contest you declare that:

    • Your station was operated strictly in accordance with the rules and spirit of the contest and within the conditions of your licence.
    • The submitted log is a true copy of an extract from the entrant’s station log.