RAF Centenary 1st April 2019

April 1st 2018 marked the centenary of the formation of the RAF whilst coincidentally on this date RAFARS marked its 80th year.

With Ofcom approval and the support of the RAF100 office, RAFARS secured the Special Special Event Station callsign GB100RAF which was used extensively on the air, at many events and locations.

Members of RAFARS were able to use of any of the Society callsigns to operate as part of the RAF Centenary commemorations, G3RAF, G4RAF, G6RAF, G7RAF, G8RAF, G8FC, GB1RAF, VP8RAF and GB100RAF

Operators who used these callsigns should be aware that all contacts will need to be logged and that QSLs will be handled by the RAFARS bureau (see below for full details)

QSL Instructions

If QSL is requested operators are to confirm QSL DIRECT via G8FC (RAFARS HQ)

  • RAF100 QSL cards will only be sent in response to cards received together with a S.A.E. or a postal fee
  • All operators are to confirm the QSL procedure during the contact
  • Following receipt at Cosford HQ all QSL cards will be forwarded to the RAFARS QSL Manager (2E0NDZ)
  • The QSL Manager will record and bank all receipts
  • The RAFARS RAF100 Event Coordinator (M0MJG) will maintain for the QSL Manager a log identifying operator/callsign/dates
  • The QSL Manager will forward the QSL cards plus S.A.E. where available to the appropriate callsign operator
  • All operators will deal with QSL cards in respect of the contacts they have made
  • Operators will reclaim outgoing postal costs directly from the Treasurer

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