020 was off to a slow start with only 4 members available. The other most usual attendees had family and other commitments. All going well back to normal next week.
Despite the turn out those which were there put in a great effort with projects and operating. Nick, G8DWF, looked into his scope most of the day tuning aerials, but still had time to fix a Bird Thruline wat meter.
At the other end of the room Dave, GØKUC, assisted by Tony, G8VVZ, started using G1RAF again in earnest, making up for the time that the Club was using GB1ØØHAL. After some adjustments to the G5RV, a total of 116 contacts were made during the day, mainly on FT8. Some interesting contacts such as, Japan, Afghanistan and Corsica.
Dave, G0KUC, advises that the club has collected another two awards and applied for 4 digital ones.