The Club Room was open today by popular demand. May be the members just needed a break from Christmas activities, or it was an opportunity to bring along some of the left over goodies before the diets had to start.
A good turnout considering, with 9 members popping in. After the usual cuppa, a start was made on operating using GB1ØØHAL as this would be the last meeting before the period of operation cam e to an end. Firstly, Malcolm G7VRT made a start on SSB joining the RAFARS net making another 10 contacts. After this the reigns were handed to Tony, G8VVZ, who made a start on the Data operations for the day racking up a couple of pages in the log. Whilst this was going on Tony, G4CJC, continued to fine tune the logging programme. Later in the day, Dave, G8KUC, made some more FT8 contacts with a few being on 2 Metres. To checking the logging system was working a few contacts were made on the Club Call G1RAF.
Today was a good end to the GB1ØØHAL period of operating with well over 1,200 contacts being made, a worthy effort to mark 100 years of the RAF at Halton. When the exact figures are known a final report will be made on the GB1ØØHAL page.