No time to watch the Rugby this morning, a quick cup of tea and all club members got on with various tasks and activities.
Firstly, on the timetable was a sorting of the storage area, Mark M0HBQ having made a start on Thursday, Roger kindly brought his trailer along and the quality surplus equipment was quickly moved to the club room before the rain started in earnest. Amongst the items were a good selection of components and a mixture of bits and pieces for various types of radios, mainly old commercial items. About a dozen crates and boxes were sorted and the number of boxes was reduced down to about half a dozen. Next week this will be marked up labels to identify them.  There was a box of grab bags made up previously and it was suggested that these bags were placed in card board boxes and further items added to make them a bargain surprize box!
Whilst all this was going on Dave G0KUC AND Tony 8VVZ plodded on with the FT 8 logging by the end of the day around 3 pages. Callsign in use today was GB100HAL