Today was the last meeting before Christmas and there was a good turnout. As it was Christmas, bacon rolls on arrival for all.
Once the hungry hoards were fed, it was onto the day’s activities and projects. As Dave G8ØKUC, was on other Christmas duties, Tony G8VVZ had been given his orders to crank up the FT8 contacts for GB1ØØHAL, as the period of operating was coming to an end, a minimum of 2 Pages was set by Dave. Not a lot of Tony was seen as he had head down and was flat out most of the day. He did find time to join the others for a Christmas buffet lunch.
Tony, G4CJC continued to get the auto logging finalised and up to speed on both lap tops. He has promised to give us all an update on how things are going shortly.
Mick, G7TNQ, gave Nick, G8DWF, a hand with making aerials for his project. They were seen at one time, to the amazement of the other Club members, with a broom poking wire up a pipe. This caused much merriment.
Mark, MØHBQ, spent some time with Jon, 2EØFNC, assisting him with a couple of questions from mock exam paper.
The next meeting will be Saturday 28 December 2019, the last one of the year and the last opportunity to get more GB1ØØHAL in the log.