A cold and frosty start today, ice on the puddle outside the Club. We had a new member Laurie, join us again and he signed up for membership.
Nick, G8DWF, carried on with his projects whilst Jon, started on the refurbishment of a couple of recently acquired broad band VHF and UHF aerials.
Dave, GØKUC, in association with the two Tony’s G4CJC and G8VVZ, continued with the digital side of the club.
Dave, G0KUC, the Operations Mangers report follows below:
"A total of 63 contacts made today.
17 SSB contacts made, giving away points and using the "phone" logging system; all updates auto-uploaded successfully to QRZ after Tony's, G4CJC, hard work.. Not a serious entry for the AFS contest but we did manage to work at least one RAFARS member - TNX Ron. One contact remarked that he liked the callsign, but didn't make a comment when he gave us a serial No of 252. I guess he wasn't RAFARS, Hi!
46 digital contacts; all uploaded successfully.
The laptop actually froze later on, but I switched it all off and then rebooted the system. The only thing, it tried to tell me that it had 1222 QSLS to upload. I cancelled these and it again all seemed to be working OK.
No great distance today as we spent a lot of time doing all the programme updates and the band conditions weren't the best. I did manage to work the Azores on 60m and I thought I would try to see if 160m tuned on the G5RV. SWR was high but I turned the power right down and made our 1st digital contact to EU and EI. Not a very good signal report but I was amazed that I got a reply!!!!!! Perhaps the ice on the aerial made the difference? Had to scrape the ice of the car windows before I could drive home.
Lastly, we received one new award this morning (25 French stations) and I have applied for another after today. We have now worked 30 DXCC on 60m. An award should be ready for download next weekend once it has been checked