A busy Saturday with around 12 members in attendance and two visitors. Once the tea and toast was finished the members got stuck into various jobs. Mick G7TNQ and Malcolm G7VRT PROGRAMMED SOME Tait 2000 radios. One version was an early one and had to be done with some DOS driven software. Two later mark 2 versions, both of the trunked variety were tackled to get ten conventional channels into them this was successful but they had problems with getting the CTCSS to work. A bit more research required here.Dave G0KUC AND Tony G4CJC finished of setting up the logging programme on one of the lap tops. This now collects the FT 8 and FT 4 contacts and loads them automatically into QRZ .com.Derf G8ZGK popped in for a while before he had to leave to prepare for tomorrows Remembrance Day Parade. He had a quick look at the Bird troughline which has been playing up. No easy solution, so it was put back on the shelf until there was more time to look at it.
Mark M0HBQ came in and sorted some of the clubs surplus stock of components, in reediness for next year’s rally season. The Club is planning to attend the Harwell and Dunstable Downs Rallies.
Further to an email to members, there was two responses to the suggestion of a visit to Martin Lynch’s Hog Roast on the 30th November. Others were checking their diaries.
Between Dave, G0KUC, the two Tony’s, G4CJC and G8VVZ a good page and a half of FT 8/4 contacts were made and entered into the QRZ.com log automatically. One notable contact was made with VK7AC in Tasmania The tally of contacts in the log currently stands at 1,538 with 918 shown for GB100HAL.