The opportunity was taken to day to take some equipment to the VMARS auction at the Village Hall in Baginton, near Coventry. Roger assisted by taking his trailer filed with various bits of kit to be included in the Auction. Mark, MØHBQ accompanied him to make sure it all got here safely. Malcolm, G7VRT and Nick, G8DWF, travelled up by a separate car taking more quality kit for auction.
We are pleased to report that all was sold and Nick came away with a copy of power supplies for his Wireless Set 19 which he is restoring. The power supplies have seen better days but he reckons he can make one good one out of the two.
All were impressed with the slick running of the auction and we were very impressed with the free lunch supplied. The club members send their thanks to the VMARS organising team.
Meanwhile back at the ranch they had 6 members in attendance at times, conducted 2 SSB contacts with Cadets Stations on the 5 MHz Blue Ham Exercise. In addition made one FT8 contact with a Cadet Station. They also found time to contact 85 Stations on FT 8
The operations Manager Reports:
 A total of 85 contacts today including 1x Digi & 2x ssb Blu Ham contacts.10 new awards downloaded and over 60 more applied for at the end of activities. (New Club listed, hence the big number)
Still lots of eQSLs in the inbox but I am saving them to the Club computer slowly.
All todays contacts uploaded to QRZ and eQSL successfully.