On Saturday 3rd July Club Members set up a Radio Station at RAF Halton’s Fete. This was restricted to Station personnel and their families. This year the Fete was located adjacent to Halton’s grass Airfield. This was an opportunity for some visiting RAF Aircraft. A Hurricane from the Battle of Britain Flight was due but unfortunately due to bad weather near its base it was unable to attend. However, three helicopters made the journey, Chinook, Puma and a Juno. The Falcons, the RAF Parachute Display Team also dropped in.Club members had a schedule with members of the Wireless Hill Museum which is located at Wilson Hill Perth, Western Australia. The aim was to contact them using a DMR connection, Alain G1IBP had been in contact with the museum members beforehand to make arrangements. The contact had to be made during the morning to allow for the time difference. The Australian Station was using Special Event Callsign VK10AF to mark 100 years of the Royal Australian Air Force. After some expert preparations by Alain we had, Dennis, talking to us. Alain checking that all was working and after a short chat, Alain passed the microphone to Malcolm, G7VRT, who explained what was happing at the Fete and gave some details of the Club venue and activities. He mentioned that RAF Halton was a fitting location for the contact as during the WW1 the Australian Flying Corps (AFC), (it became the Royal Australian Air Force in 1921) as there was an AFC depot not far away from Halton. Their role was to prepare aircraft ready to be sent to France (further investigation into this local Aerodrome is ongoing).