Air Cadet Blue Ham 20-2        6 & 7 June 2020
Club Members attention has been drawn to the Air Cadet Blue Ham Exercise taking place next weekend, 6 and 7 June 2020 and hopefully some may join in.
The Royal Air Force Air Cadets, for you that have been around for a while, they are the rebranded Air Training Corps, will be holding their second BlueHam Exercise of the year this weekend.
Due to the current situation with Covid-19 all face to face activities have been suspend until further notice. However, some of the Instructors who have access to equipment will be taking part and hopefully the odd Cadet who may be in the same household.
Why not join in but you will need 5 Mhz equipment. This is not a competition but an exercise to give personnel more on air experience and to keep their hand in.
You can find more information at or on the RAFARS News page.
Not got suitable equipment, then why note listen on one of the SDR sites around the country. You can find the frequencies on the RSGB Web in the band plan for 5Mhz