Last year was somewhat interesting as far as Club Operations went! Activities at the Club Room came to an abrupt end at the end of March and it was not until late October that some of the mebers could access the Club Room. This was to make it compliant with the Stations Covid 19 regulations. Several Saturdays were spent in the Club tidying and making it ready for an inspection by the Health and Safety Section. At the Inspection no major issues were found, just a little fine tuning required.  However, by this time things moved on and the Club was unable to resume activities. It is closed again until the situation improves. During the closure period members kept themselves busy with regular nets on the local repeater GB3TU. In addition the Club call was used from various Club members shacks with Dave GØKUC doing the lion’s share of the work. Tony G8VVZ looked after the GB3TU Net and in his spare time did some FT8 operating. Dave has sent to me details of what has been achieved during the lockdown periods and is set out below: Below are lists for contacts logged on for the two Club callsigns, G1RAF and GX1RAF.

G1RAF: Total contacts for 2020 = 2004

Grand total of contacts as at 01-01-2021 = 3717 Confirmed contacts = 1309 Countries contacted = 93

Confirmed contacts for awards: US States - 17/50 DX World - 71/100 Continents - 6/6 *Award Issued* 40m Grid Squares - 376/100 *Award Issued* 80m,40m,30m,20m US Counties - 37/100 Friendship - 1041/25 *Award Issued* 80m,60m,40m,30m,20m,17m,15m,10m

eQSL Confirmations - 2098 confirmations - 387

GX1RAF: Total contacts for 2020 = 391

Grand total of contacts as at 01-01-2021 = 488 Confirmed contacts = 150 Countries contacted = 56

Confirmed contacts for awards: US States - 9/50 DX World - 38/100 Continents - 5/6 Grid Squares - 105/100
*Award Issued* US Counties - 12/100 Friendship - 143/25 *Award Issued* 80m,60m,20m

eQSL Confirmations - 232 confirmations - 28