The Club continues to be closed and it is not likely to reopen for a while yet. The Government have announced a further lockdown period of 3 weeks. Who knows if it will all be over by then?
In the meantime the Club continues to keep in touch with its regular members via GB3TU the local repeater only a couple of km from our club room. The net control is G1RAF and there are two nets each day. The first at Noon and the second at 19. 00, local times. The net is an opportunity for members to keep in touch and exchange experiences. Several problems have been solved by, just a quick mention on the net and other members offering help. Members as far afield as Enfield and Harlow can access TU.
Johnathan, M5AEO was confined to his cottage for several weeks and to keep in touch ordered a 10 element Yagi to point at the repeater site. His small hand held was not up to the job, without a bit of assistance. Within a couple of days he was back in touch with us all. He is now allowed out and takes his daily exercise by walking up a local hill and calling in form high ground. He has just found out that he can access TU from a style a short walk from the cottage. The picture above was taken on a recent walk and had a curious horse investigate this person with a radio in their field.
This afternoon, 3 members tried to make a local contact 21 MHz, Dave M5AGW and Tony g4cjc were able to make contact over a mile or so but Malcolm G7VRT could not join in due to very heavy local interference at his site.