A very quick breakdown of our contacts. Contacts          130 Countries           36 Venezuela, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Falkland Islands, Belgium, Denmark, Greenland, Netherlands, Brazil, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Iceland, USA, Norway, Bulgaria, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Azores, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Spain, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, France, Croatia, Cyprus, Montenegro Continents           6      (includes Alain's DMR - they certainly heard him!) FM                       8 FT8                    98 FT4                    11 JT65                    1 SSB                     1 DMR                   11
Simon, 2EØVAO had a spell  psk31 and did a couple of contacts. Picked up in various places per the picture below.