The 15th of September 2020 being the 80th Commemorative day and is important for the Royal Air Force in many ways, as this particular day commemorates the momentous air battle that contributed to stopping the invasion of Great Britain by the Nazi Army.   The members of the RAF Halton Radio Society decided to put out on air the club callsign G1RAF for the day.  Although the operators could not attend the club, permission was obtained for them to be allowed to use the callsign from their own QTH.  Contacts were made with 130 amateurs in 36 countries, which included FM, FT8, FT4, JT65, SSB and DMR. Voice communications on HF were challenging.  Alain, who is member of the club and RAFARS, had recently started using digital radio, DSTAR, WIRES-X and DMR and after receiving an email from two radio hams in Perth, Australia, who wanted to get the callsign in their logs, it was decided to try and contact them using DMR.   These contacts were successfully made.   The two Australians, Robert VK6FRDM and Denis VK6AKR, are members of a radio club located at Wireless Hill in the southern Perth suburb of Applecross.  Their club is the WA VHF Group Inc., formed in 1955 with club callsign VK6WH (Wireless Hill).  They would like to share a web link to an exhibition of Amateur Radio gear and personalities representing the story of Amateur Radio in Western Australia from 1900 to the present day.  Fellow club member, Bob VK6KW, worked tirelessly with the Museum’s curator, Gina, to gather and have displayed the materials on view. Both were very chuffed to being able to put G1RAF in their logs and look forward to receiving a G1RAF QSL card from the club. When their museum opens on a special day, arrangements will be made to get G1RAF on the air to them. Link to WA VHF Group:
 Alain completed the rest of the day using the DMR radio, contacting a number of UK callsigns and a USA callsign who at the time was driving on a state highway in Illinois. So, despite the restrictions on site members access to the club, the day was both enjoyable and satisfying.