Programming the YAESU FT-4 Settings for GB3T Tring Repeater
I had previously being using a loaned Baofeng before the lock down to speak through the Tring
repeater to the Friday night Halton ARC group. Unfortunately for me, just before the lock down, the
Baofeng had stopped transmitting. Mark, M0HBQ with more experience than me, had taken it
home and pronounced it unsalvageable. With that, I purchased a Yaesu FT-4 from a leading supplier
and waited for the delivery. While waiting, I goggled setting up the FT-4 and viewed a selection of
YouTube tutorials and downloaded the operating manual.
On arrival I assembled the FT-4 and started to program the settings for the Tring Repeater. To say I
failed was an understatement. I discovered that the tutorials were for the USA amateur radio and
covered the very basics. After a lot of guess work, I was able to listen in but not transmit. I have used
the Baofeng so I know I was in range and had ensured that the battery level was high before testing.
When I keyed, the display changes to the correct Tring receive freq and could see that I also have
HIGH transmitter power. I also knew that the 77 Hz tone was set up.
I approached the supplier and was advised to purchase a scu-35 program lead and use the software
link they provided which was not really what I was expecting. After more adjustments and testing, I
made a note of the Mod Settings against each number and e-mailed Malcolm, G7VRT for assistance.
Malcolm advised me to have the Repeater Automatic Shift set to OFF, the Squelch Type set to T-Tone
and the Tone frequency set to Receiver OFF. This appeared to have worked so having arranged to
schedule a contact with Malcolm, I was happy to note that not only was I able to contact him
through the Tring repeater but the quality of the receiver and power of the transmitter were much
higher than expected.
I am confident that had the club been opened, my problem would have been resolved practically
instantly mainly due to the enthusiasm and willingness of members to offer advice and assistance to
those members not so knowledgeable.