Today was the first meeting of members for some considerable time. Unfortunately the Civilian members were unable to attend on this occasion due to Station restrictions. It is hoped that all members will be able to meat up together in the extremely near future!

The Club members who have been able to return to the Club have been busy over the last few weeks clearing away some months of cob webs, dusting and disinfecting the surfaces. The floor has also had a good vacuum clean. A one way system was put in place and 2 metre markers placed around operation areas.

An early Start was made today at the Club with some members travelling from the depths of Essex. Roger our SWL arrived early for a quick chat but had to leave after having a cupa. The maximum number of members allowed at the moment is 6 and we were fortunate to have a full house to hear a short talk by Derf G8ZGK the Deputy Club Chairman. He had been busy using his vast experience with Transmitters, preparing a Guide for Club members to help them comply with Ofcom’s directive on Amateur Radio EMF Requirements. We were also fortunate to have Dave from Northampton with us who works in the RF industry and was available to give any advice required.

A few of the members had to leave around lunch time and left Dave tuning up some diplexers and Alain G1IBP and Simon 2EØVAO to try and make a few contacts on HF. They had to repair the 5 meg aerial first!