RAF Halton Radio Society Covid –19 Net
The Club has traditionally run a Friday evening Net on GB3TU so that member s could keep in touch. However, when the outbreak of Covid-19 started to take hold the Nets were increased to twice a day so that members and other Amateurs in the area had some where to have a chat and exchange experiences. Tony, G8 VVZ has kindly run the net without exception from the start with Dave, GØKUC lending a hand on the usual Friday evening slot. Many new friends have been made during this period. Tony reports the average daily activity as follows:
March -10 ( based on just the last 10 days)
April - 9
May - 7
June - 5 (to date
Now that things are improving and restrictions are being lifted, there are other distractions such as work and walks in the park. Therefore Tony will reduce the Net sessions from the 1 July as follows:
1200 Net on Monday and Saturday. and the 1900 Net on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At other random times he will just do a listening watch to see the level of activity is.
May the Club take this opportunity to thank all its nets supporters and wish them well. They will of course be made most welcome on our continuing Nets..