Sorry for not publishing anything recently, but not a lot to say with the Covid 19 situation. Having just come out of lockdown again and all the local areas being in Tier 2, not a lot can happen at the Club. However, maintenance can take place with the normal rules. In addition Club activities can take place but restricted to only one person at the time. The Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Officer IC will, as things stand at the moment, go to the Club Room when the opportunities arises. Last Saturday a visit was made to the Club to check the equipment and have a quick cleaning session. Keeping the place Covid safe will speed up things when the time comes to restart activities, hopefully that will not be to long now. Whilst in the Club the log file from the DATA Lap Top was extracted and sent to Dave, G0KUC, so he can back date all the stranded calls just prior to the first lock down. Members still continue to keep in touch using GB3TU and the odd telephone call. Several members in North London have daily contact on 70 Cms. Whilst the Club Room is closed, members continue to use the Club Call G1RAF and now GX1RAF from their home locations with Dave, G0KUC AND Tony G8VVZ doing the lions share.