A quick list of the radios in use are: Kenwood TS990S Kenwood TS2000 Trio TS430 + Spectrum Communication's 4m transverter. These are connected to very meagre antennas: Short Carolina Windom (20m long) for 40m to 10m Long wire around the garden fence for 80m and 160m Diamond V2000 on the chimney for 6m, 2m and 70cm Currently being refurbished - Folded "J" for 4m Once I get the 4m antenna sorted full coverage from 160m to 70cms. Seems to work OK - 13549 contacts with my own call G0KUC since 02-01-2019 when I started using digital. Also a few special event and Club calls used (not counted). Perhaps I could get some more contacts if I had better aerials??????????????