The club members remain very active during this lockdown period. In between receiving their inoculations against COVID-19, they have been clocking up the contacts. Dave, GØKUC our operations manager, reports :

“I have been chasing Greek stations but the SX5A call proved a bit difficult to track down from this QTH. I did manage it a couple of times. Once for me and once for the Club. First day of SX4A today and managed to get it in the log for me, I think. He hasn't updated the log from his end yet but it does have me in the OQRS page.
 There is another Greek anniversary award, looks as though it is by the same guys, but you have a year to get this one. You have to work certain Greek amateurs on different bands to qualify. Been busy writing out paper QSLs. Loads of cards for the Club, including some for GB100HAL. Finished all the Club ones but still doing the ones for me. I love receiving them but it does take time to write them all out, hi ”.

Some other Club members have been working with Alain, G1IBP to get going on DMR. Alain has assisted Tony G8VVZ, to set up his new DMR radio. Laurie, G1FNL is already active on DMR and the Club Chairman Mark, MØHBQ, is now looking at setting up his set, which he has had for some time, to join in with the fun. Other members have expressed an interest in the system. Who knows there may be a Club net starting soon!