GB100HAL 100 Years of the Royal Air Force at RAF Halton

Halton House Officers' Mess
The RAF Halton Radio Society has obtained a “Special” Event Callsign GB100HAL to mark the 100th Anniversary of RAF Halton. The Callsign will be used most Saturdays up until the end of the year.
Flying first started at Halton in 1913 as part of trials by the Army. In 1919 the RAF moved in, shortly after its creation, when the local estate was purchased by the War Department and handed to the RAF. You can find more information about RAF Halton on the Trenchard Museums web site at thisLink. More detailed information on the History of the Apprentices which were trained at Halton can be found on the Apprentice Association web at this Link.
Details of the use of the GB100RAF will be posted in the section below.

23 November 2019
The Station continues to make contacts with over 1000 contacts logged on QRZ.COM. With about one month left, before the Station has to finish, operators will continue to make more contacts both on Data, FT4 / 6 and HF SSB . On Saturday the Station joined the RAFARS net for an hour of operating. Derf, G8ZGK, connected up his Drake Linear amplifier to the Yaesu FT 1000 MP for the occasion. Malcolm G7VRT was on the mic and made contact with the Net Controller, Colin MWØOZI, who called us into the net a good 45 minutes was spent on the Net receiving, good signal reports although some stations were difficult to hear.
RAF Halton Families Day 14 September 2019
The Club set up a demonstration Radio Station at the 100th Anniversary RAF Halton Families Day. The Station was sited next to the RAFA Caravan who kindly allowed us to us the power socket running from a generator. No problems here as the Chairman of the local RAFA Club is the vice Chairman of the radio Club! A Gazebo was erected to give some protection from the sun as it proved to be a glorious day. A wire was attached to a near by tree and  connected to the rig. As there were fair ground rides adjacent to the station it was decided to run data, a mix of FT8 and FT4 was used with a good page of contacts logged include a station in Brazil.A 2 metre set was also set up using a mag mount od a near by car. only 3 contacts made but it proved interesting for the passers by.All sorts of stands were set up around one of the extensive sports fields. Plenty of food and refreshment outlets with lots of other activities and displays for the families to look at. The Gliding Club displayed one of their gliders and several vintage vehicles were on display.The weather was perfect for the Falcons Free Fall Parachute Display Teamwho dropped in from 5,000 feet.

The RAF Halton Radio Society plan to have a Special Event Station on the Air using the Special Special Callsign on Saturday the 14 September. This will be at the Families Day on the sports field. Watch this space for a report in due course.

An update so far the Club continues to make contacts using the Special Special Callsign GB100HAL. Tony, G4CJC has mentioned on his 10metre page on the Southgate Amateur Radio Page. Have a look at it at thisLINK
The Club Members are operating the Callsign most Saturdays from the Club Room and are looking at using it on other occasions before the end of the year.

Further information about the operation of GB100HAL will be posted here You can also find more information about the RAF Halton Radio Society at this Link

Saturday 22 June 2019 we plan to take part in International Museums on the Air, why not listen out for us. Expect we will start on the RAFARS Net on 3.710 MHz at 1100 UKL plus or minus. A short report on the days activities can be found on the Club page at this Link