RAFAC Exercise Blue Ham 2019

15-16 JUN AND 12-13 OCT 2019

Exercise Blue Ham will be taking place on the 15-16 Jun and 12-13 Oct 2019 (24hrs) on 5Mhz only. Air, Army and Sea Cadets and Staff will be able to communicate with Radio Amateurs using Cadet Radio Call-signs (Three Letters and two numbers) . Details to be given over the air is Your Signal Report, QRA Locator, TX power, Antenna type and direction. Cadets are not allowed to give Personal Names or Geographical Locations over the air so only the first four digits of the QRA Locator will be given.
Some cadets may have never even heard of Amateur Radio before so bear with them if they are a bit slow with replies. Cadets will use the Collective call-sign of AC not CQ.
Also see http://alphacharlie.org.uk/ click OPERATING then click Exercise Blue Ham and/or www.rafars.org under News.

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Picture shows Terry G4PSH at 1132 Sqn ComCen with Equipment IC M700UK (Navy) into an ATU to a 5mhz Dipole also used for ATC Nets and a TS570D to an Inverted V Trap Dipole for 20 40 and 80m Amateur Bands 73 Terry G4PSH 306/4100