In June 2019 RAFARS Council submitted an application to Ofcom for a S.E. call sign to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE. Day, this was approved on the 25th February 2020, GB75VED for the period 1st-28th May 2020 inclusive. The intention was for members to operate from RAFARS HQ RAF Cosford but given the current movement restrictions this is not now possible.

However due to the prevailing circumstances Ofcom have relaxed their rules and are now allowing this call to be operated from a home QTH. If you wish to make a request to use this call contact Michael M0MJG by email , please include in your email a telephone number, and if necessary a time, at which he can call you to discuss the activity in more detail. There are a limited number of opportunities so the sooner you make contact the greater the chance of success.