The RAFARS Network Radio channel is now live on Zello.  If you would like to be authorised (or 'trusted') to use the channel, please ensure that you include your callsign and/or RAFARS number in your Zello profile so that I can authorise you when I see you logged into the channel.

Without these details, it's impossible for me to recognise you as a member of RAFARS.  If I see a user with only a name such as Fred123 or Alan, you will have to catch me on the channel and call to be authorised.

Remember, the RAFARS channel is 'moderated' so you will not be heard by other channel users until you have been 'trusted' to use the channel.  Moderation also allows control of those who use the channel, with privileges being withdrawn should any disruptive individual be authorised in error.

For further information on Network Radio, click here to see the earlier post

RAFARS Webmaster & RAFARS Zello Channel Admin