RAFARS QRV Vol 1 No 4 published in 1939 announces the temporary winding up of RAFARS due to the outbreak of World War 2.


Since the outbreak of hostilities, it has been found necessary to wind up for a time, the affairs of the R. A. F. Amateur Radio Society. So that activities may be resumed with the minimum inconvenience, members are requested to inform the secretary of their addresses or movements when normal conditions are restored. It has been decided to put the current magazine into production (in a somewhat attenuated form and there now arises the problem of distribution to members.

Owing to sudden postings, many addresses are now unknown, and members reading this note are requested to acquaint their friends with the fact that copies are now available and will be forwarded by the secretary immediately on receipt of addresses. In forwarding addresses, due regard should be paid to official requirements regarding secrecy, and in doubtful cases, magazines could be obtained by indirect means.

Members are further requested to read Radio Society notices in Radio periodicals which may for a time prove to be the only possible vehicle of communication between the Officers of the Society and its members. The Officers and Members of the Committee wish to take this opportunity of sending their best wishes to all Members with their hopes that the affairs of the Society when resumed, will go ahead with added vigour.