Hello All,

As I think I told you I have reactivated the old RAF Coningsby ARC callsign G3LQS with the help of Peter - G0NVY and Selwyn - G3JRY.

The main station address is RAF Coningsby with myself as the licence holder.

I have set up a qrz.com page as it still had me as the "OBO" on the old page and I left over 20 years ago, hi! Obviously I will keep this up to date as things change. I have also set up x3 eqsl.cc accounts to allow for different callsign variations and /p operations. The call is also registered at hamlog.online via my own account.

I have set up eqsl.cc QSLs for the various calls and have attached them for your perusal.

I am hoping that G3LQS will be allowed to reaffiliate and be reallocated RAFARS #3101 which I believe is correct. Perhaps you could advise me if I need to undertake any other application process.

I have put the call on the air from my home qth this month and it has proved very popular on digital. Both ZC4 and VP8 in the log book and confirmed; as well as G1RAF. Sorry but my 80m antenna is not very good and I have exceptionally high noise levels here in Luton.

Anyway I am hoping the call can be activated from Coningsby some time. Do we know of any amateurs who are active or have access to the station. Maybe we could get some of our serving members to set up on the sports field???? Or even someone on detachment with a bit of wet string out of a block window.

Perhaps you could let our members know that the call is available if they wish to activate it. All they have to do is contact me with details. Unfortunately I can't authorise access any more, hi!

A long while ago I remember putting GT3LQS/P on the air from RAF Jurby Head. Even had compo rations supplied!

All the best,

Dave - G0KUC - RAFARS 2442