In 2020 the Falkland Islands Communications Regulator sought to revalidate all extant Amateur Radio licences.  Notices and advertisements alerting amateur radio licence holders to the need to revalidate their licences were published.

It has come to the attention of the Communications Regulator that, notwithstanding the advertisement of the need for amateur radio licences to revalidate their licences some existing licence holders failed to do so. Given this, the Communications Regulator has decided, exceptionally, to permit one final opportunity for all historic amateur radio licences to revalidate them.

The reason that you are receiving this email is that your details have been provided by Mr Chris Gare on the understanding that you may be able to advertise this revalidation notice in order that it can reach the maximum number of licensees.

The attached Revalidation Notice, which should be published in full, sets out the terms and conditions under which revalidation is offered together with detail of how to apply and timings.



John Whitby
Communications Regulator

Tel: + 500 28459

Room 8, Top Floor, The Secretariat
Falkland Islands

Revalidation Notice Document Download​​​