From The RAFARS Facebook page posted by John Carp.

Sad to report the demise of GB2RN at HMS Belfast (and also the club at Duxford).

IWM, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that we are surplus to requirement and that we have to immediately vacate the Bridge Wireless Office (BWO) which has provided a live radio demonstration service for the last 45 years!

This is clearly an eviction by any reasonable interpretation although the management unsurprisingly deny this.
In that time we have greeted many Radio Amateurs from all over the world, thousands of visitors, and given lots of free publicity to both IWM and HMS Belfast.

The management seem to be set on reducing costs and turning the BWO into a static display with pictures of what it used to look like with no live component.

I fail to see how this saves money in that our services were provided free and provided the only live display on the ship.

I shall miss operating on board and interacting with the visitors.
It seems IWM doesn’t care about anything other than the bottom line - which seems all the more odd that they are throwing away free international publicity.