New page added to the RAFARS Member Area covering aircraft flight tracking using a Raspberry Pi computer.  This primarily covers the 360 Radar tracking website and the functions that it provides to users. is a browser-based aircraft tracking system designed to track all ADSB-equipped aircraft within range of our receivers. For those that don't broadcast their locations our MLAT server calculates their position as long as the aircraft can be seen by three or more receivers.

With over 500 receivers stretching across most of England, Wales and Scotland as well as Ireland, there is good coverage down to a few hundred feet above the ground in many places.

•Shows all ADSB and MLAT aircraft including private and military aircraft
•Browser-based so works on desktops (PC/Mac) and mobile devices (iOS and Android)
•Optional weather information can be overlaid onto the maps
•Aircraft details are retrieved from a constantly updated aircraft database
•All aircraft seen are logged and their routes can be retrieved